Just saying Hi… & I’ve some news!

Heya fellas! 

How are you all? Long time, huh? I’ve been busy making iftaris in Ramzan and after iftari, I just didn’t have the energy to blog (itni zooooor ki neend ana shuru hojati hai magically, wtf). And then Eid, jis se yaad aya….




Nah, I won’t ask did you reach your Eidi targets, because apparently, Eidi is a touchy topic nowadays. Even more touchy than asking a girl on her period, how she is. I know right? So damn serious.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should start writing about. I’ve had different ideas and very cool ones. (NOT bragging!)

I’m thinking of introducing my recipes here. I’ve found many people on the internet who, like me, enjoy cooking and love eating new dishes (desi or foreign). So it’s kind of good, sharing your ideas and recipe with others (takay mere kuch friends food k bahanay se hi bn jayen 😥 Yeah, I’m a broken devil). I love experimenting with food. And the thing about my cooking is, I just can’t stick to one recipe with the same ingredients. Gosh, it gets so boring. I keep trying new ingredients and new sauces, which to be honest, produce delicious results most of the time.

I’ll add a category here, with the name of “Accio Food!” For those who don’t know, ACCIO is a summoning charm used in Harry Potter. Haha.

Okay then foodies, see you in the cafeteria! Take care!



An evening walk along the beach side


I have always loved a long, solitary, evening walk along the beach side.

That cool feeling of the damp sand, as it crawls around my feet, tickling my skin, when I dig it with my toes as deep as I can.

That fragrance of the sea weeds, the fish, the salt of the water, lingering in the air around me, a rather refreshing change of air from the daily toxic environment.

The sound of the waves, in rhythm to which, I let the elating memories of my life, splash across the rocks of my mind.

The feeling of freedom I sense in the birds soaring high above me, reminding me that the world isn’t as small as it seems, when we’re drowned in the daily tasks binding us to our miserable lives.

The hearty laughter I hear, when the young kids run about, carefree, with high hopes and innocence, which brings out a whole new colorful world in front of my eyes.

The beauty of the anthropods, scuttling here and there, as fast as their appendages could carry them, avoiding the towering humans, open new doors of natural beauty for me.

No words of mine can ever do justice to the beautiful scene at a beach that my eyes see and my mind perceives. You can only truly feel it through your heart.


Image credits: http://www.basbasbas.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/12-09-08-033.jpg

Care is in the air, but are you aware?

Maybe, they do care about you. But, they’re afraid to make it obvious and don’t dare to make their move. You know why? Because you’re already surrounded by trillions of others, who are pretending that they care about you. And those pretentious ones, somehow, make those who truly care about you, feel unwanted and a waste. And why not? You’re already happy with the ones you have around yourself, you’re drowned in their flattery, you’re blinded by their fake smiles, so yes, the ones who do care about you truly, feel that you’re satisfied and thus, stay away from you. They can’t bear to look at you among the pseudo-adorers but they are afraid to show you their reality, at the same time. They are afraid you’d take them wrong and annihilate every chance they’ve, to be a part of your life and to make it better in some way, by throwing just one cold glance in their direction.
And they are right, in doing so.

A platonic lover

A platonic lover,
Is what she craves,
Who wouldn’t want her,
For intimate love making,
Or to satisfy his own thirst,
Who wouldn’t mind,
If she wasn’t in the mood,
Who would simply enjoy,
Her company,
Who would love to cuddle,
Watch movies late in the night,
Who would take her out,
For long rides,
Who would be there,
In the day or nights,
Who would buy her little gifts,
To see her million dollar smile,
Who would hug her,
When they hit a rough time,
Who would calm her,
During pain and torments,
Who would hear, not her voice,
But listen directly to her soul,
Who would arrange little surprises,
To see her getting excited,
Who would enjoy her cooking,
And help her manage her life,
She worries though,
Is it too much to ask for?
Aren’t these simple little wishes?
She seeks no handsome prince,
She seeks no glory,
She seeks no wealth or riches,
All she wants is a partner,
A true partner,
Who would be her best friend,
Her lover,
And her guardian,
For as long as they breathe,
And beyond.

Rant # 4

I’ve been coming across many homosexuality related blogs lately and honestly I believe it’s high time people start taking this issue seriously.

Remember this: nobody has any right, to point their fingers at a person who is homosexual and there is no need to demean them in front of public or to feel embarrassed because of this issue. People, just try to be a little realistic, this is 21st century, if you can watch frigging without-dupatta, half naked women/men on tv, this is just as normal then. So quit being such bigots. You are a Muslim, act like one. Instead of passing derogatory remarks at them, try to come up with a solution for this. Being “incomplete” Muslims, which means having inadequate religious knowledge, the only solution we common people have is to kill them, burn them alive etc. Seriously? I’m sure you don’t even know the 6th kalma, so just freaking shut your mouth and leave it for the actual Muslim scholars to decide what their fate should be. Which now, brings me to the other huge problem: Why haven’t the Muslim scholars taken this matter seriously as yet? These people are dying, they need religious guidance at the moment. They need an answer. Whatever the Quran or religion says in this regard, it’s about time scholars bring it out for the public. Do these scholars have any solution for this:


OR this:


Whatever the verdict is, just tell the people, specially the homosexuals. If there is no place in Islam for them, just tell them and it’s over then. But at least stop the brutality they are facing by their families and others. This is inhumane & every good Muslim should condemn brutality. I won’t speak in favor of their “marriages” because in Quran, Allah has strongly pronounced judgement against them. But, at the same time, I would say that they shouldn’t be simply killed in cold blood or brutally burnt alive.

This matter calls for a fatwa & ulema should come up with one before it’s too late.

Hold it, you’re a “kill joy”



You’re a kill joy.

Yes YOU.

Why do you have to just butt in with sickeningly depressive verbal thoughts every time someone shares their happiness with you?

Why do you have to decapitate their moment of glory and bliss with the axe of melancholia?

Why do you act like the black-magic trick that vanishes their open mouthed smiles by punctuating what they tell you with your never ending sighs?

Why do you have to brandish your hate, possible ill-fate at their face & block their cheerfulness with morbidity every time they try to take a turn in life?

There is a special place in- , nah, I’m not even going to tell you where you belong. Doesn’t matter to you anyway, does it? As if it’ll ever change you.

You know what I think? People like you are God’s test for us. Yeah. You’re just born for our “use”. And we know how to deal with dirt like you. We won’t scrub you. We will ignore you even exist. We will ignore your unkind uttering and keep patience close to us. That would rot your insides even more. That would actually burn you up, then at last, maybe, you’ll know where you’ll end up after we’re through with you.

We will surely do so. And just keep this secure in that brainless skull of yours: if you even once dare say “the world doesn’t care about me…” that would only mean ‘more burning.’

Rant # 3

I have always loved reading magazines. Whenever I went to some relative’s house or a clinic, I’d search for a magazine and start flipping through it. Even now, if I ever come across a good magazine, I HAVE to buy it. There was a time, when I had this huge crush on “Young Times” (don’t confuse it with “Young World”, totally different), but all of a sudden, the hawker said they were not getting it anymore. I was devastated (honestly!). Then someone introduced me to “Smash” (I hope you’ve heard of it). It was a great mag. Typically for teenagers. I was entering university life but still, I was addicted to it.

It was 2012. One day, I came across this article about different e-mags in Pakistan and a little introduction about them. I instantly fell for one. I opened their website, filled up their joining form and started waiting. Few days later, I got the e-mail and I got in! It was pure volunteer work. Naturally, people around me were like “What? You’ll work for them FOR FREE? Pagal. Gadhi. Psycho.” Whatever. I never cared. I just wanted to be a part of them.

They were my second family. I met LOADS of people there who are great friends of mine. I was initially their ambassador (promotion stuff) and their graphic designer (you know what they do, right? Drawing and stuff).

Ab asal kahani yahan se shuru hoti hai.

I knew as much stuff about graphic designing as a doctor knows about engineering. Seriously. I only knew the basic programs used like PhotoShop, Devian art, Photoscape etc but nothing else. I started working on them, day in and night out. I actually made many graphical stuff for my own self, judging my own self and then I chose the best ones and sent them to the heads. They usually loved it. Alot. They used to get featured and I can’t tell you k us se mera kitna khoon barh jata tha. It was honestly a miracle.
Months went by. I left graphic designing because it was taking up a lot of time and I had to focus on my studies as well. So I switched as their columnist and events reporter (they used to be the media partners and then I as a reporter had to cover that event). It was fun.

So one day, our head sent us to an event. It was a big one, held in the National Museum. There, I met this girl, whom I had never ever met in my life. She introduced herself as the head of a volunteer group that organized events and said “Are you Sabika? You are their graphic designer, right? God, I love your work.”

And that was the moment when I had to literally control my tears. A few others came up and told me they knew me. Still, whenever I think about that day, I can’t believe it actually happened. (people coming up to you, telling you they love your work, honestly, me? Ha-ha)

The whole point of this story is not that I’m bragging or wanted to tell you how good I can be at graphic designing (which of course I am not), but my point is, that if you seriously believe in yourself, you can absolutely do it, no matter how many people smirk at you, no matter how irrelevant it is to your career, if it’s something which you are enjoying doing, then it won’t be a fuck up. My second point is, that each and every one of you (yes, you there, with a dark complexion and you, with dandruff filled hair and also you, shorty), all of you have talents. All you need to do is realize what your strengths are and play up to it. And then, you’ll find the whole world congratulating you on your success. Seriously guys, all it takes is a strong belief in your own self, confidence and dedication.

“You can’t be good at everything, but you can NEVER be good at nothing.”

(this is a quote by me, it isn’t anonymous, okay?)

So yeah, after reading this, take a moment (or think about it while you’re in the washroom), thoroughly analyze yourself and find what you’re good at and start working on it. Then share your story with others. 🙂