A crushed heart of gold

(This poem was in my drafts since months and I have no idea why I never shared it here. I must say though, before any negative criticism makes its way into the comments section, that I am NOT a poet. Poetry has never been my forte, admittedly, but I did try writing a few poems in the last two years, mainly due to the urge to try out something different and experiment with my writing.)


He gave her a look, so deeply cold,

Eliminating memories, all them old,

A look that said, O girl behold,

To lords of evil, my soul is sold,

That gaze she tried so hard to hold,

Silently, watching his moods that rolled,

His anger paused itself to mould,

Into a hatred, so wild, so crushing,

Tearing apart, that heart of gold.



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Guiding luminescence


I fear the unknown, nor the unseen,

I only fear the unceasing evanescence,

Of the hopes & dreams, that I daily weave,

Each thread strengthening, my inner sense,

Turning the darkest demons, with every stitch,

To an imperishable ray of fluorescence,

It shall guide me, through the labyrinth,

Of life, from adolescence to senescence.


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Envisage of mind





As I roam across the streets at nights,


Drinking the beauty of the starry lights,


Aside, the dejection, I heavily wave,


Bits of strength, I try to save,


Letting the cool, caress my skin,


Tuning out, the worldly din,


Visualizing your smiling face,


Feeling my heart, fast at pace,


I plunge my mind into the sea,


Of my own beautiful fantasy,


Opening all the windows to hear,


Your voice, a melodious tinkle of air,


As an eternity elapse, I wait for thee,


To miraculously transform before me,


From merely an envisage of mind,


To a beating heart, flailing to bind.




Image credits: http://wjlondon.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Pro-Teq-Star-Path.jpg

Cindered memories



A soul is filled with guilt so deep,

Waiting for conscience to take a leap,

To end the sorrow and the pain,

To stop the never ending weep.

Did everything to place the heap,

Of all the sins ‘n’ the creep,

Cause now they have nothing to reap.

War In Solitude

Everyday and every night,

My conscience witness an ugly fight,

Without bullets, canons or blood,

But, a war with equal might.

The good ‘n’ evil, the sweet ‘n’ bitter,

Each trying its best to reach the height.

One killing hopes, other fanning strength,

Both believing that they are right.

As one silences the scream,

Other propels a deepening fright.

Every time when I view this storm,

I loathe the darkness, I envy the bright.

Death of a sapien

All sealed and veiled,
And treasures buried,
Our deeds in hands,
And soul now peeled,
Memories of life,
Slowly unreeled.
Them demons and angels,
Now unleashed.
Those engraved scars,
Deeply healed,
No worries of health,
Grains or field,
That silence around,
Those chills you feel,
Pray for eternal mercy,
Kneel forever in yield.

Since the day I saw her, for the first time

I had waited long for this moment to come,

Since the day I saw her, for the first time,

I had made up my mind, I’ll make her mine,

Now I walked towards her, fully sublime,

I smiled, she was clad in a dress of lime,

Her face was so bright with shine,

That elation I felt, so purely fine,

It shook my world, she was divine,

She was the diamond, I was merely a dime,

I knelt down slowly, our eyes were locked,

I asked for her hand, under the shade of pine,

As I anticipated for her response,

I watched her eyes started shedding brine,

She took my hand, whispered and vowed,

To be with me, through all woeful times,  

Be my precious, till we grow senile,

With this she pressed her lips to mine,

And now I knew, I’d never whine,

Fate was with me, I was no more behind,

As we made our way back, to spread the joy,

Love shimmering, fingers intwine,

I kept thinking,

I had waited long for this moment to come,

Since the day I saw her, for the first time.