An evening walk along the beach side


I have always loved a long, solitary, evening walk along the beach side.

That cool feeling of the damp sand, as it crawls around my feet, tickling my skin, when I dig it with my toes as deep as I can.

That fragrance of the sea weeds, the fish, the salt of the water, lingering in the air around me, a rather refreshing change of air from the daily toxic environment.

The sound of the waves, in rhythm to which, I let the elating memories of my life, splash across the rocks of my mind.

The feeling of freedom I sense in the birds soaring high above me, reminding me that the world isn’t as small as it seems, when we’re drowned in the daily tasks binding us to our miserable lives.

The hearty laughter I hear, when the young kids run about, carefree, with high hopes and innocence, which brings out a whole new colorful world in front of my eyes.

The beauty of the anthropods, scuttling here and there, as fast as their appendages could carry them, avoiding the towering humans, open new doors of natural beauty for me.

No words of mine can ever do justice to the beautiful scene at a beach that my eyes see and my mind perceives. You can only truly feel it through your heart.


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5 thoughts on “An evening walk along the beach side

  1. I was just discussing “Manzar- Kashi” with a friend, how the writers build a scene and make you feel like you witnessed the incident at first hand. I’ve never been to the beachbut after reading this it feels like I have.

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