Care is in the air, but are you aware?

Maybe, they do care about you. But, they’re afraid to make it obvious and don’t dare to make their move. You know why? Because you’re already surrounded by trillions of others, who are pretending that they care about you. And those pretentious ones, somehow, make those who truly care about you, feel unwanted and a waste. And why not? You’re already happy with the ones you have around yourself, you’re drowned in their flattery, you’re blinded by their fake smiles, so yes, the ones who do care about you truly, feel that you’re satisfied and thus, stay away from you. They can’t bear to look at you among the pseudo-adorers but they are afraid to show you their reality, at the same time. They are afraid you’d take them wrong and annihilate every chance they’ve, to be a part of your life and to make it better in some way, by throwing just one cold glance in their direction.
And they are right, in doing so.


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