Rant # 4

I’ve been coming across many homosexuality related blogs lately and honestly I believe it’s high time people start taking this issue seriously.

Remember this: nobody has any right, to point their fingers at a person who is homosexual and there is no need to demean them in front of public or to feel embarrassed because of this issue. People, just try to be a little realistic, this is 21st century, if you can watch frigging without-dupatta, half naked women/men on tv, this is just as normal then. So quit being such bigots. You are a Muslim, act like one. Instead of passing derogatory remarks at them, try to come up with a solution for this. Being “incomplete” Muslims, which means having inadequate religious knowledge, the only solution we common people have is to kill them, burn them alive etc. Seriously? I’m sure you don’t even know the 6th kalma, so just freaking shut your mouth and leave it for the actual Muslim scholars to decide what their fate should be. Which now, brings me to the other huge problem: Why haven’t the Muslim scholars taken this matter seriously as yet? These people are dying, they need religious guidance at the moment. They need an answer. Whatever the Quran or religion says in this regard, it’s about time scholars bring it out for the public. Do these scholars have any solution for this:


OR this:


Whatever the verdict is, just tell the people, specially the homosexuals. If there is no place in Islam for them, just tell them and it’s over then. But at least stop the brutality they are facing by their families and others. This is inhumane & every good Muslim should condemn brutality. I won’t speak in favor of their “marriages” because in Quran, Allah has strongly pronounced judgement against them. But, at the same time, I would say that they shouldn’t be simply killed in cold blood or brutally burnt alive.

This matter calls for a fatwa & ulema should come up with one before it’s too late.


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