A platonic lover

A platonic lover,
Is what she craves,
Who wouldn’t want her,
For intimate love making,
Or to satisfy his own thirst,
Who wouldn’t mind,
If she wasn’t in the mood,
Who would simply enjoy,
Her company,
Who would love to cuddle,
Watch movies late in the night,
Who would take her out,
For long rides,
Who would be there,
In the day or nights,
Who would buy her little gifts,
To see her million dollar smile,
Who would hug her,
When they hit a rough time,
Who would calm her,
During pain and torments,
Who would hear, not her voice,
But listen directly to her soul,
Who would arrange little surprises,
To see her getting excited,
Who would enjoy her cooking,
And help her manage her life,
She worries though,
Is it too much to ask for?
Aren’t these simple little wishes?
She seeks no handsome prince,
She seeks no glory,
She seeks no wealth or riches,
All she wants is a partner,
A true partner,
Who would be her best friend,
Her lover,
And her guardian,
For as long as they breathe,
And beyond.


6 thoughts on “A platonic lover

  1. I’ve always liked your poetry more than prose. Not that prose is not good, IT IS. But, poems you write make me smile naturally every time I read them. Keep writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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