An unusual playlist




Some lyrics or some tunes of a song touch your soul. I never quite understood the power behind these musical notes that can even make you fly. I believe music works as a great therapy. It can charge you up, produce positive vibes in you and make you feel and see a completely different dimension of yourself. Music helps you in discovering who you are, what you can do, what your life circulates around and what not.

Basically, the key to the above mentioned lie in the choice of music you have. True, everyone likes different type of music. Everyone has different favorite genres. And wonderful it is, how many varieties there are in this art. It can be a tune that is meant to rattle your brain from the core as in hard rock and make you forget every thing bad that has ever happened to you, or, it can make you dream of green lands, rivers, birds, cool breeze through soft romantic tunes. Music has the power to turn up your imagination, in short.

My music playlist, to be honest, isn’t appreciated much. The basic reason is, I have very very few favorites. I can count them on my fingers. So the variety is pretty thin. Secondly, on the whole, people mostly tend to listen to the typical shining stars like Linkin Park, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, The Beatles etc, but they are not my type, just to be clear. I discover the undiscovered and I go for the tunes. Because of this reason my playlist is full of the unusual ones and people make the awkward-est faces possible at the names I take. Hah!

Anyways, today I thought of sharing some songs which are a part of multiple playlists I’ve made in my life till now. Before staring though, all are equally my favorites.

  • Butterfly (Karl Wolf)
    This song was one of the first few I listened to and it played a vital role in attracting me towards music. I love the tune and the lyrics…well just hear them out! You’ll decide.
  • Tales from the South (Tiesto/Estuera)
    The first trance track I got addicted to. It has been over 5 years and I still listen to it whenever I want to treat myself with a soothing song. It’s marv!
  • So fly (Git Fresh)
    Most of the people don’t even know about this band. They’re awesome. The beats in their songs are fantastic. *So fly* has beautiful lyrics.
  • Elements of life (Tiesto)
    The music of this song will touch your hearts! It’s from the same album as the above mentioned Tiesto song.
  • Love comes again (BT/Tiesto)
    Haan Haan dubara Tiesto! I’m one big trance fan. The vocals of this song are sung by BT and they are out of this world. I don’t know why but I fell in love with the lyrics first and then the tune.
  • Elements (Lindsey Stirling)
    LS is one person you should definitely listen to if you are a fan of a) trance & b) violin. Gosh this is the first one of hers that I added to my playlist and God knows how many times I’ve listened to this.
  • Dragonflies (Slangor)
    A perfect combination of beats to make a groovy trance track. A must listen.
  • Careless whispers (George Michaels)
    If you’re up for some sad lyrics and a touch of 80’s, this is your song. Beautifully vocalized. And the music is breathtaking. (okay this is a secret: I’m not a dancing person, specially couple-dancing, but if there’s one song I’d dance at, this would be it!)
  • Still in love (Amos Milburn)
    Oh so you still want to hear sad songs? This will blow your mind. The lyrics are so heart touching, they made me cry. Sigh.
  • Take my hand (Simple Plan)
    This song is going to produce such strong positivity in you that you’ll be surprised. Honestly, this song has extremely powerful lyrics. “Take my hand tonight, lets not think about tomorrow”… isn’t this what we all want?
  •  Peace of mind (Modjo)
    Our of 100 not even 0.1% would know about Modjo. If you like a couple of old English songs in your playlist with strong vocals, he’s your man! And this song *peace of mind* has the most mind-blowing lyrics ever. You listen to this, it’s like your life story.
  • Lady (Modjo)
    Making-her-your-girl-tip: And this song, dear guys, you should play when you’re about to propose her. Lol,jk! But this song is really very beautiful. Trust me. It can make any decent girl, melt.
  • Who knows (Massari)
    I’m not doing justice with Massari as I’m mentioning him so late, but seriously, he is one of my top favorites (I’ve been made fun of multiple times because of this fact! Duh). Hear this song when you’re having a mood swing and it’ll make you smile. I personally love this one.
  • Real Love (Massari)
    Dude, sing this song for her, and she’ll be yours! (oh please, don’t take my advice, I don’t know shit) The tune of this song is so heart touching and the way Massari has vocalized the song, no one could’ve done it better than him.
  • Angel in the Night (Basshunter)
    A beautiful song with sweet lyrics. Basshunter is so amazingly talented, I came across his songs just last year and my oh my… I instantly followed him.
  • Now you’re gone (Basshunter)
    The lyrics of this song will make you like yaar, imma cry…but you wont. The music wont let you.  Well-balanced darkness and brightness of this song.
  • Palma Solane (Estuera)
    Trance makes you forget that melancholic mood of yours for some time. Palma solane will help you achieve it more easily.
  • Mellomaniac (DJ Shah)
    I came across this while stumbling and I was like WHOA! YE KITNA ANTH HAI! A must listen. A soul touching tune.
  • Shadows (Lindsey Stirling)
    I was torn between mentioning either of two other songs of LS in my playlist and I’ve chosen shadows. This one is different from Elements b/c more beats.
  • Piano HipHop (CallumSwift)
    He has only 4 uploads at soundcloud and it bloody disappoints me. This one song grabs my hand and takes me into a whole new world of imagination. Lovely tune!
  • Souls (TroyBoi)
    I found this song on soundcloud. It’s different from the usual tracks and it intrigued me from the start. By the end I’m always like “Never heard some bad-ass music like this before!”

Of course, there is no end to music. I keep coming across lovely songs every now and then. So if there are any other additions to my playlist in the future, I’ll definitely share them.

And hey, do let me know if we have some similar favorites, haha.


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