Rant # 2

You know people, I’ve concluded in these 23 years (well, actually it’ll be 23 in July, but anyway) of my melodramatic life, that the reason of our constant failure and lack in attaining some greater position in the world is in reality, very simple:
“We are not sincere to ourselves.We jump onto different conclusions without considering the circumstances of the situation and also, we lack the ability to be confident and give confident answers.”
I asked someone close to me, a question regarding marriage and differences in religion. Although I wasn’t expecting a straight reply, but I knew that person had knowledge of religion. What really bothered me was the conclusion drawn from my question and it compelled me to rant here. Cutting the shit, here’s the question I asked:
“Marriage of Muslims with the Ahl-e-Kitaab (believers of the four Holy books) is okay in Islam but marrying a Hindu is not. But what I’ve observed is, that some Hindus, are much better than some Ahl-e-Kitaab, some Hindus do consider sex before marriage wrong, they consider drinking wrong, they follow many rules which we Muslims follow as well. They fast, they have their religious ceremonies. They do not eat pork. And they support Muslims and Islam. But most Ahl-e-Kitaab, they don’t even believe in God, they’ve literally twisted the Holy books, they eat pork, they drink, Pope doesn’t get married (that’s defying the laws of family), how is all that acceptable but not the Hindus?”
I hope you guys get the gist of my query. But what’s more important is the answer:
“Read it yourself, go research. And why are you even asking this question? Are you planning to get married to someone who is not a Muslim?”
Really? RE-FUCKING-ALLY? This was just a simple query that popped up in my mind and now people are thinking I’m inclined to getting married to some Hindu/Believer.
I’m so done living in this world really. I don’t even have nay words to express how furious I was after hearing this. No wonder we are so behind. We let our judgemental minds take over the good side. Keep up with this attitude and in no time Pakistan will be a forgotten state, mark my words.

p.s: I’m not talking about the general Hindu/Believer communities, these are the people I’ve observed, my observations might be deviating from the reality.


5 thoughts on “Rant # 2

  1. That was a very valid question and i am sure there is a very valid and logical answer to this question as well.

    And people often tend to make easy choices and being judgmental is one of those easy choices. The best part is your mind is evolving so keep the best and ignore the rest.

    Worth reading. Keep it up.

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    1. Thank you really. I’ve seen 10yo kids asking such questions about Islam and other religions, they make you ponder yourself. My point being, nobody can stop such questions and it is up to the people who do have knowledge to give satisfactory answers.

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  2. I am so sorry I was judgmental in the middle of your blog while reading. I think I need to stop being so approximate and I will work on it. That happened because I am a part of this society.


    1. Don’t worry, many people must’ve thought “she’s stupid, she is questioning Islam” , but these queries can be asked by even a 7yo now a days & these need to be answered in a decent manner, because Islam wants us to think and ask questions. And we all need to work on ourselves, we are all judgmental.

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