To The Woman Who Is Proud To Be ‘Just’ A Housewife

Yet a housewife, “just” a housewife, wholeheartedly chooses to live with the reality of parenthood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for all the following years of her life without any…

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10 People On The Moment They Quit Their Job To Pursue Their Real Passion

Worth reading.


“I got a job at one of the top consumer goods companies in the country, did it for five years, and then left to get my MFA in screenwriting when I realized I spent every free minute watching …

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Who am I

An engineer by fate who went several reformation in his life which transformed me into various aspects. Now along with engineer, i am artist, drama and short story writer, reader, poet, gamer, spor…

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Who am I?

Majority of you have been following me for ages but I never got around introducing myself. If there IS a person out there, who ever wonders who I am, today is your lucky day. This anonymous personality is finally, NOT revealing the name but merely letting you have a peek into the private universe.


I am on the road to discover myself gradually, figuring out my whole life, learning about who I was, who I am and who I want to be.

I am trying to single out and read that entangled mess of thoughts in my mind. I am trying to differentiate what my heart and my brain desire.

I am simply a perfectly imperfect human, curious about who I actually am.

I am an explorer of sorts.

I am introvert who likes being in the shadow but seeks attention as well. I want to be heard, understood and most importantly, I want to change at least one person before I die; for the greater good. I want to bring positivity somewhere.

I love smiles and I live because this world holds a thing called “laughter.” It keeps me motivated and it is the only medicine I have ever found for the sorrows that linger around and within me.

I am that blinking star you see in the pitch black sky, but as soon as you try to focus on it, it disappears.

I love discussions and talks but I dislike socializing more than I can handle.

I am 51% religious and striving to take it to 90% before I permanently close my eyes.

I am a thirsty learner. I love learning about new things, trying out new things.

I am an avid art fanatic, though I am more inclined towards contemporary modern art rather than the classical art.

I love reading of course, and I read fiction of all types.

I love listening to the music that heals the bruised parts of my soul.

Writing is the only thing that soothes me. Writing completes me. This is the only way I get my thoughts across.