Just saying Hi… & I’ve some news!

Heya fellas! 

How are you all? Long time, huh? I’ve been busy making iftaris in Ramzan and after iftari, I just didn’t have the energy to blog (itni zooooor ki neend ana shuru hojati hai magically, wtf). And then Eid, jis se yaad aya….




Nah, I won’t ask did you reach your Eidi targets, because apparently, Eidi is a touchy topic nowadays. Even more touchy than asking a girl on her period, how she is. I know right? So damn serious.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should start writing about. I’ve had different ideas and very cool ones. (NOT bragging!)

I’m thinking of introducing my recipes here. I’ve found many people on the internet who, like me, enjoy cooking and love eating new dishes (desi or foreign). So it’s kind of good, sharing your ideas and recipe with others (takay mere kuch friends food k bahanay se hi bn jayen 😥 Yeah, I’m a broken devil). I love experimenting with food. And the thing about my cooking is, I just can’t stick to one recipe with the same ingredients. Gosh, it gets so boring. I keep trying new ingredients and new sauces, which to be honest, produce delicious results most of the time.

I’ll add a category here, with the name of “Accio Food!” For those who don’t know, ACCIO is a summoning charm used in Harry Potter. Haha.

Okay then foodies, see you in the cafeteria! Take care!



2 thoughts on “Just saying Hi… & I’ve some news!

  1. NOO! NOT ANOTHER FOOD BLOG! why can’t everyone just write about sex? I mean, people can easily relate with it. Plus, the traffic is better.


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