Journey to “The End”

She stood at the roof ledge, eyes closed, breathing in the air and letting the memories of her life cascade in full flow, for the final time. She wasn’t afraid, not even one bit. All she desired was freedom; freedom from the dark thoughts of the past, blur thoughts of the present and dank thoughts of the future. The wind was blowing in gusts, but she stood firm, rooted to the spot. No strength, not a single one, could move her today, not when she didn’t want to. She now experienced this sense of self control, for the first time, since years, as far as her mind could take her. It was exhilarating, an alien but magnificent feeling.

Moments passed by. Nothing changed except the position of the sun and the clouds, draped all over the sky. She felt the warmth of the sun, slowly travelling from her right cheek to her left. Her legs didn’t ache, she didn’t feel tired at all. Her hair were flying in all directions, a light curtain of black. She fluttered her eyes open, after what seemed like ages, and let the beauty of nature sink in her soul, for the last time. She looked all around her, the sun, the sky-high buildings, the silly shapes of the clouds, the birds singing along the wind, the kids playing on the roads beneath, their laugh shrill & full of elation. Her mind wandered off to her own, rather quiet and cold childhood. She let her mind feel again, the stab of pain that shot across her body every time she was hit. She looked at the dull purple bruises on her body, repeatedly getting hit made the bruises last forever. She didn’t feel the agony now, not anymore. It would all be over soon.

She wanted her last moments to be happy, a feeling she wasn’t very used to. She thought of the moments when she had, however mistakenly, believed he was the one. She had felt truly happy at that time, no matter how short lived it had been. It never really mattered before & it won’t now, ever.

For the last time, she looked beneath her, the rush of the traffic, the kids & the height at which she was standing. She felt numb now, she wanted this to be over. She spread her arms on both her sides, took a deep breath closed her eyes & took a step forward.

She was flying & going to a whole new world.


7 thoughts on “Journey to “The End”

  1. I vowed to myself not to come here anymore and I won’t. But I come here to apologize sincerely. My spite is justified considering the world I live in, for how can a Karamazov see others but in his own light. Having conveyed what I had, I have nothing more to add. I stumbled upon your twitter/blog when it was featured in dawn and I must admit that the wit was incredible.
    You are right and wrong. I’m from here but I live there, far far away. It’s a perfect world, in fact so perfect that it sends chills down my spine. People look so happy but no one is satisfied. Everyone is nice yet no one really is. Having traveled across the worlds, I can assure you that your world, with all its shortcomings, is the best of worlds. With 7 billion people across the world, I will never meet you but I wish you luck in life – the best of luck.
    What’s the purpose of life – purpose.


    1. I vowed to myself that I would chuck your comments straightaway to the spam folder, but I guess as you’re never coming off, this is my only chance to say whatever I have to.
      First of all, you’re in no position o judge or even say a word against someone unless you show your own self to others. This was in my opinion, very low of you. Secondly, (consider this as a once-in-a-lifetime-free-advice) Never ever compare one writer to another, this is a blow to them. (I may be a pre-writer for now, but I’m working on it). You compared my writings with two people, & you said they’ve produced works people still talk about… every writer is different, you should know that. My style is different, period. Finally, I never waste my time in explaining my own writings to others but I’ll do this one time: Writing about suicide, was not meant to show how cool it is nor my piece, in any way, showed I was in agreement with her decision. I may have lacked the ability to get my point across but what I did want people to realize was what she was missing out on after this huge step. That is why, I portrayed the whole picture of her surrounding in detail, only formally brushing her past or future. I was mostly focused on her present. And I only wanted people to know that is what actually matters. It’s up to you how you perceive a story. Living among negative people has molded your thinking into a negative scaffold.
      Anyways, I appreciate you dropped by my blog/Twitter, may God make your life easier. That’s all I have to say. Farewell.


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