Final destination

I boarded a train to the world of the Divine. I had no company; not that I cared. Sadly, my journey stopped before starting. That’s when I heard “It isn’t your turn yet. Return.”

And then, all I saw was a dense mist around me. I got lost. I tried to feel my way, like He told me to. I tried to call Him, but He didn’t answer. It grew darker, with every step I took. I found it difficult to walk. There was no one around, not a single soul, to guide me, or to simply take my hand and keep it warm. Everything was cold here. It screamed that I was uninvited. I moved in every direction and then I realized, I couldn’t even see where I had started my journey from. The mist engulfed me, it made my breathing heavier. I cried, I yelled, I screamed till my throat felt sore. I felt around me but my senses didn’t help me. I searched for a light, a ray of hope. It was useless. Tired and helplessly, I fell down on my knees. I curled myself, hugging my legs and wept. I’ve never stopped, since then.

I still wait for His call. I want to board that train again, which would take me away from this dense mist of horror, to my final destination.


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