3 questions do the trick, to know them real quick!


The tips and tricks of playing with mind are a part of psychological studies. But what I believe is, that no matter which field you belong to, either you’re a doctor, or an engineer or some artist, you should be aware of these tricks and apply them in your daily routines. They’ll make your life a little easier, if not entirely, and can help you achieve your targets with better results.

Over the time, I have met new people via internet or in real life and you must’ve too. The first word that pops up in your mind, whenever you meet a new person, is stranger. And living in this cursed & cruel society, it is obviously a hugely important task to determine if a person is worth trusting or not and whether you should make further interactions with them in future, or not. Well of course, people can be great at hiding their true selves, but there are some trick questions that can give you a pretty good insight about a personality and can show you a rough outline of their minds and hearts.

Before I tell you those questions, I want you to understand that I give you no 100% guarantees that whatever they answer can give you a vague image of that person because, it obviously depends on your psychological interpretations too. Secondly, I came up with these questions when once, a friend asked me what would be those three questions I’d ask someone to make a rough sketch in my mind about his/her personality. I thought about it for a few minutes, I asked those questions and I used them over the time and I’ve certainly found it easy to understand people after that.

Q1: Who are you closest to, the most, in your life and why?

A very basic question, which can give you a clear picture about their family background. The most acceptable answers would be father, mother, siblings, or even grandparents. But if a person says they’re close to some uncle/aunt or a childhood friend, then this can arise a few questions. It means they weren’t close to their family and those who aren’t close to their family have a disturbed mind because they face a tough time at home. You’re also asking them “why”, which they might or might not answer. Either way, you’ll get to know that they have a rough family history. You’d have to be a bit cautious with such people. They might be aggressive or easily offended, sensitive, hardworking and many a times, they are independent.

Q2: Do you have any regrets? If yes, what are they and how’d you rectify them?

This may seem like a personal opinion, but I believe each and every one of us has some regrets in our lives. It can be something as tiny as spending our savings on a crappy guitar or  something as grave and serious as choosing the wrong life-partner. Anyway, this question gives you a vague idea about their darkest secrets. They might regret the career they’ve chosen, or they might regret not ditching the person who gave them a hard time. The next question, how they’d rectify their mistake, gives you a clear picture of how they’d cope with difficulty, their problem solving skills, or their power to face hard-ships or finding solutions. They might just shrug and say never thought about it, which might raise new questions.

Q3: Love or money?

The most easiest way to learn if a person is your type or not. If you’re romantic, or you value friendships, relationships or any sort of acquaintanceship more than money, then you’d better talk to those who choose love. Because they’d have more in common with your personality. Such people are highly sensitive, love hungry, emotional, they might be courageous or they might be very fragile, they’ll usually be the people you can easily trust. And if they choose money, you might find them a bit intimidating, determined, materialistic, goal oriented, strategic, power hungry and they’ll seldom value emotions.

If you find these questions useful, do try them out, the next time you meet someone new. They might be great ice-breakers or help you break down iron walls guarding a person. Heh. And let me know what your views are. Cheers! 🙂

P.S: Be careful who you are asking these questions from. Sometimes, people might find it offending that you’re asking them personal questions. So make sure they are easy about it. If not, try to take them in your confidence first.


Image credits: http://s3.amazonaws.com/kajabi-media/assets/projects/31135/assets_bag/original/QuestionMarks.jpg?1422931310


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