Envisage of mind





As I roam across the streets at nights,


Drinking the beauty of the starry lights,


Aside, the dejection, I heavily wave,


Bits of strength, I try to save,


Letting the cool, caress my skin,


Tuning out, the worldly din,


Visualizing your smiling face,


Feeling my heart, fast at pace,


I plunge my mind into the sea,


Of my own beautiful fantasy,


Opening all the windows to hear,


Your voice, a melodious tinkle of air,


As an eternity elapse, I wait for thee,


To miraculously transform before me,


From merely an envisage of mind,


To a beating heart, flailing to bind.




Image credits: http://wjlondon.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Pro-Teq-Star-Path.jpg


10 thoughts on “Envisage of mind

  1. Wow. This was amazing! 🙂
    Now critique: The font is too large if you could get that normal sized I would be thankful. Also at places.. just nooks and corners it seemed as if the rhyme dulled the meaning. 🙂


      1. I’ve already made fool outta myself with my bad case of English grammar. Needless to say, my opinion can be downvoted to oblivion.


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