Realizing your passion

“Hey! Tell me about yourself. What do you love doing?”

“I love… sketching.”

“Sketching? Interesting. So what do you sketch?”


“I don’t think so. You see, sketching is a source to your passion. When you sketch, what exactly do you want to sketch?”

“Uh… whatever is on my mind, I guess.”

“Yes. And what is on your mind?”

“Loads of stuff. It varies.”

“I see. What’s the core element comprising your thoughts? Sadness? Happiness?”

“Sadness, of course.”

“How do you tend to draw depression?”

“It may be something awfully dark.”

“Now you see your passion? Sketching is a source to achieve it. To let it out.”

“But… passion is what you love doing. Isn’t it? I don’t exactly LOVE sketching the darkness inside me!”

“Haha, do you hear yourself? Okay, so what do you love drawing?”

“You don’t get it. I love sketching but I don’t want to sketch sadness every time. It makes me feel… vulnerable. So I wouldn’t say it’s my passion.”

“So what’s your passion?”


“Listen to me. No passion is worthless. You might think it isn’t a good thing, sketching dark all the time. But it’s the only way that makes you survive, live fully. To you it’s being vulnerable, but you know deep inside, the only way you can smile is after you sketch the melancholia surrounding you.”

“I get it now.”




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