The last piece of my life

My life was a jigsaw puzzle, missing one last piece. The incompleteness perturbed me greatly. The chaotic emotions whirling inside me were felt only by me. I never let this veil unfold. When he entered my life, he had a certain powerful aura about him, one which I failed to resist. My guard shattered to million pieces, as with one single, soul-piercing glance, he pulled me out of my misery. He saw right through the veil I had so tightly wrapped around me. He was a magician, no doubt. This man was a plethora of amazement that bound my interest to him, even unconsciously. The hand he always held out for me was warm, just like his smile, just like his feelings, just like his words. His existence was the reason I looked up again. You, my dear, are the last piece of my life puzzle, the one God made me wait for a very long time. You complete me.


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