What went wrong & where?

A 10yo kid, was going through his iPad, one of his most treasured possessions. Suddenly, a thought struck in his mind. More like a query. You know kids of that age, constantly thinking about random things. He goes to his most trusted friend to find an answer.

“I’ve to ask you something”


“How are we born?”

“My mom says angels come to earth and place us in our houses in small baskets when are parents are sleeping.”

“Just like that?”


“The last month, my aunt was at our home. I was listening to them. My mom was asking her how was the baby, while looking at her belly. It is huge. It wasn’t like this before. I think…”

“You think the kid was in her belly? NO WAY!”

“You know what happened? A few days back, She had a baby girl. I was at my aunt’s house. I never saw any basket. When I asked them about it, they all laughed. I know they are joking.”

“I don’t know. Maybe they left it at the hospital.”

“That’s what my aunt said. But I don’t believe it.”


The kid wasn’t satisfied. The question kept nagging him through the day. He was sharp and he didn’t like to keep his queries and questions hanging. He went to his dad.

“I’ve to ask you something”

“Yes m’boy?”

“Dad, how was I born?”

“I told you before son, angels came from the Heaven and gave you to us.”

“How did they know when to give me to you?”

“Son, I’m a bit busy right now. Go and finish your homework.”

“But dad…”


He came back to his room. The question was still hanging. He knew his mom was busy with her housework and she won’t listen to him either.

He couldn’t sleep that night. All the while, new questions kept springing up. He was disturbed.

With his heart hammering, he opened his cupboard and found the only solution to his problem. He got to work.


The next day, he went to his friend again.

“I know angels didn’t bring us here. I mean, not literally.”

“What? Why so?”

“Read this.” With that, he took out his iPad and showed him what he had Googled. *How are babies born?*


“See? I told you. Our parents lie to us.”

“But what is this?”

“I guess, it is time for us to Google this too…”


What went wrong and where?

I’d never blame the kids. They are very smart. Times have changed, minds have changed. Children observe a lot. They think a lot. Everything is so advanced. Technology is ruling us. We are all going with the pace. But forgetting your responsibilities as parents? That’s where we go wrong.

This story has a lot of aspects to be considered:

  • Why was the kid’s iPad usage unsupervised? He was just 10. Why wasn’t his Google filtered for the underage?
  • Parents need to take out time for their children no matter how tough their questions are, no matter how embarrassing, parents should be the one whom the child asks, not a random friend. Be your kid’s best friend!
  • Never leave your child’s queries hanging! NEVER leave your child confused. It only adds to their curiosity and they’ll go for other means to find the answers. If your child isn’t satisfied, come up with some other more convincing story. It is all up to the parents.
  • Be sure you don’t talk about private things in front of your child. If you’re not sure, don’t say anything at all. Kids have very sharp hearing and they can literally hear across the walls. So be sure whatever you’re saying doesn’t bring up any further embarrassing questions from them.

This is a real story I’ve witnessed in my life. I just want all future parents and the parents of young children to be aware of their children’s activities and not to trust them more than usual. They are young and their minds are prone to corrosion.



3 thoughts on “What went wrong & where?

  1. Agreed. Now-a-days, with both the parents busy with their respective works, a child has no one to ask to or question to. Hence, he finds internet and technology a fine approach to get answers. Ignoring their children eventually turms out to be a subtle poison they can do nothing about in the future!

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