Rant # 1

So I’m back after a long time. I was suffering from what they usually call a *writer’s block*. It might sound to you as if it’s some sort of a disease when a writer or a blogger faces a deficiency of words or their vocab decreases dramatically, but no. You see, writer’s block is basically the condition (and this is merely my own observation) when a person has a lot to write about, alot to say, but he/she is so overwhelmed by all of it that he/she needs a break from all the unnecessary ponderings. Unnecessary doesn’t mean that their thoughts are meaningless, it means that a writer (even artists, musicians etc.) feel the emotions and the actions of the people or any other thing that leads them into thinking and just activate their neurons over the tiniest of things that doesn’t mean anything to a normal banker, businessman, teacher etc. So yeah, I was like overwhelmed, I had a lot to discuss and that lead to a temporary break, naturally, my thoughts were all fuzzy and my overthinking let my words make me dizzy. Anyways, now I’m back and before I face another writer’s block I’ll try to fill a lot of empty space on this WordPress blog so that you guys have an ample supply of reading material from this psycho (Your Majesty, ME obviously).

Also you must’ve noticed that I’ve titled this post as Rant # whatever the number, I originally thought I’d start a page for my rants on facebook (idk, I suffer from this really stupid but very strong urge of ranting sometimes and no matter how hard I try to supress it, it becomes stronger *gulps*) but that would’ve meant extra care for another, err, pets (well you need to take care of pets just like you take care of your pages and blogs, you constantly have to feed your blog and filter the sh*t… Am I making any sense here?) and I cant really afford that what with the blog and all, so all my rants will be posted here under the title of Rant # whatever the number.

So, later!


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