Animal unity

The other day I was observing nature, while standing in the balcony of my house, when I saw it. Again. Animal unity.
There was a cat, who very cunningly captured a pigeon and ran at full speed into the basement of a nearby building. The chaos erupted after that was unbearable. The crows, sparrows, pigeons and every other bird surrounded that place and started chirping at the top of their lungs. They were screaming in such frustration and anger that if they could speak like humans I’m sure they would’ve been barking out profanities.
The thing that caught my attention was, why did the other birds involve? The pigeons’ protest was okay. But why the crows and sparrows? What was the pigeon to them? Well it was only another *bird*. Yes, the pigeon was a bird, just like them. They didn’t care if it looked like them or was not from their sect or cult, they just didn’t care! There was a pigeon who died for nothing and now it was their responsibility to protest against it.
It reminded me of us humans and compelled me to compare both. I’m sorry, but animals are far better than us. This is my conclusion. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve come across in my life.


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