The Devil Inside [Prologue]

Unbelievably beautifully written.


The Devil Inside


The Unnamed, he knew the legend. The memory of how he leant it was now much too painful to bring up. Despite of that he forced the reminiscences to resurface. Freed them from the hold he maintained over them. Over her. And they flooded his consciousness, he could remember it so vividly. It was like she materialized before his eyes and it was hard to believe she was no more. That all this was just an illusion. Just a memory playing out before his eyes.

He was there, at that night. Transported, transcended. As if by magic. It was like his mind had made an effort to bring him every last detail of this beautiful memory he had shared with her. He had woken up to find himself alone in the bed. And this scared him. The fear was always with him those days. He believed…

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