Life: denied

I write this, for the youngsters we lost in the tragic Peshawar incident and who were not given a chance to bloom and show us what they’re capable of doing for our country. This is the least I can do for them and their families.

Killing those innocent children merely ignited more sparks among the masses resulting in even harsher measures taken against the terrorists. These terrorizing bastards will never win, God is with us. These kids are martyrs. They’ll never die.

No words of mine can be a perfect condolence for those families. No words of mine can be a perfect apology from those little angels. These are just some words that were born in my heart and mind while I imagined their faces earlier, what they would’ve been thinking and doing, as they got ready for the bloody day.

May their souls rest in peace.

A perfection that you can never envision,

A face so happy, so fully crimson,

A delighted child, basking in the sun,

No worries of this worldly prison,

The joys of school, the company of friends,

Enjoying the colors of every season,

Under the shades of the green,

Doing homework and revision,

Full of innocence, love and dreams,

Never hating, no thoughts of treason,

What won’t I give to get back those times,

The childhood days, fragments of my vision.


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