No Hope For Pakistan

So are Pakistanis.


On any day reading these lines would get me riled me. And it wasn’t coming from someone from another country. Merely a Pakistani who lived elsewhere now. It wasn’t caused by rage or grief. Here was someone saying very calmly, very eloquently that there is hope for my land. That all the struggle, all the ideals that this land was based on didn’t matter. There was simply no hope for it. End of story.

How many times have we heard, “Pakistan is a failed state.” And how vociferously we have denied it. Raged against those who tried to suggest it. Each time we went down, people said surely they wouldn’t get up, but we did. Each and every time. Then these people said, “It’s only matter of time.” All we did was smile a coy smirk. We thought we knew better.

On the day of 16th December, 2014 nothing…

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