Her eyes fluttered open.

The first thing she saw was Chad’s face. His smile was dazzling, as always. He stood right beside her, her hand held in his warmness. He softly whispered, “You did it Cynthia, you made it through.”

Cynthia smiled. She knew what Chad meant. Chad’s eyes were lit up. He was beyond elated. She wanted to share his joy too. With some effort, she said, “I want to see my child, Chad.” Chad kissed her forehead and motioned to get up.

At that very moment there was a knock at the door. Chad looked at his wife and they shared their final lone moments together. From now on-wards, they’ll have a baby in their arms seeking attention and love from both.

Chad moved towards the door. Cynthia felt her heart beating fast. Now that her baby was really here, not merely a dream, her mind started rambling “Are you ready for this Cynthia? Are you ready?” She felt utterly nervous now.

Chad was moving towards her now, a blanket in his arms. Their baby was here. This child was the sign of Chad’s and her love. Chad sat on the edge of her bed. She looked in Chad’s eyes, searched. He was smiling, but now she could see the tears glimmering. As if he sensed her thoughts, Chad said “Of course you’re ready, my darling. You’ll be the best mother, ever.” Cynthia loved how he always knew what was bothering her. She knew he would be the best father ever.

She straightened on her bed. She held her arms out. Chad slowly placed the bundle of blankets in her arms. She cuddled it close to her. And for the first time, looked at her baby.
She was her daughter. She was Chad’s daughter. She was beyond beautiful. She stared at her child in awe and full of wonder.

Was she carrying this beautiful young child in her womb for the last 9 months? She couldn’t believe it. Tears streamed through her eyes. Her daughter’s eyes were big. She had long curled eyelashes, just like her mother’s. And then those bright blue eyes, which were full of surprise. Her daughter stared at her. Cynthia noticed that her hair were golden brown. She remembered how her mother used to tell her that when she was born, the first thing she noticed was Cynthia’s hair, which were the exact same color. She laughed softly at the memory. Her daughter had the tiniest fingers. But the thing that caught her eyes first, were the rosy cheeks. Her cheeks were the cutest thing she had ever seen. A natural blush. She kissed them both and gazed up at Chad.

He was enjoying himself, silently observing the daughter-mother, exchanging their love. Cynthia asked, “What should we name her, Chad?” “I want you to name her, sweetheart.” Chad replied, while stroking her messed up hair. Cynthia smiled. “I love her cheeks. She is so adorable Chad.” Chad laughed. “Lets wait till she grows up. She’ll be just like you.” He paused. “So, *Rose* it is, then?” Chad was such a mind reader. “Yes. It matches her cheeks.” Chad kissed his daughter’s hand and said lovingly to her, “Hello dear Rose, welcome to our world. Everything will change now. Everything.”
He was right. Everything changed.


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