Claws of death

Before you all read my first post here, I’d like to apologize that it’s about death. Not a good omen eh? Well the thing is, a few days back, a young woman died due to sudden heart attack. I knew her and when I read about her death the news shocked me beyond anything. Pardon me for saying this, but it is a reality. When an old person dies, his/her death is not taken so severely by the general public, that’s because in our mind it is programmed that old age is almost as if their time’s up. But when we hear about the death of a person who is young, it hits us really hard. Last month I read about the death of an 8 year old girl who fell from her school stairs while descending them . It was so terrible to read that news, I can’t imagine how her parents would be feeling. Then the death of the young Australian player Phil Hughes, it was devastating to see how he died suddenly due to one small mistake. The death of Paul Walker, so young, had so much left to do with his life. And there are countless other souls who didn’t get enough chance to live their life. It’s extremely saddening. At the same time, these news make me ponder over death. How would have these people felt right before death clamped its hands around their throat. That horrifies me the most. So this very short poem is dedicated to the young departed souls, with whom death has been merciless. May their souls rest in peace.

A stillness within, with silence bound,
A haunted feeling all around,
Not even my heartbeat made a sound,
Left me terrified and astound,
Fear was prowling like a hound,
Darkness enclosing me in a mound,
No chance to fight or raise a voice,
I was buried suddenly in the ground.


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